GRATITUDE · Kitchen Table · Monthly Things.

June Things.

SONY DSC1)Read Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander and White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber.

2) Harvested all of our purple potatoes and made this.

3) Received 5 gallons of cherries this month and made cherry smoothies and tons of home canned cherries.

4) Our baby was showered on June 8th. Only two more weeks to go!

5) More summer planting and harvesting.

6) Mom celebrates a birthday tomorrow!

7) We moved!

8) Grey had his FIRST father’s day.

9) Got the first egg from our chickens 🙂

10) Got a Jack Lalanne Power juicer (for a smokin’ deal!) to help us get the most out of our summer produce.

What are some of your goals for NEXT month? 

Love, Grey & Brianna


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