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Our First Egg!

SONY DSCDear Friends,

The day is finally here! Our chickens laid their first egg. It’s been four months since we brought home our first little chicks, and it has been quite the journey. We have learned a lot but still have a ways to go to be excellent chicken keepers 😉 SONY DSCThere’s nothing really more to report except we are so excited about our one little egg! Take a look at our chicken project so far…

Our First Chicken Flock 

Our First Chicken Flock: 2 week update

Our Chicken Flock: It’d been one month! 

Our Chicken Flock: They’re two months old. 

Our Chickens are dustbathing. 

SONY DSCPhew! (I never thought I’d take so many pictures of one little egg 🙂 )

Off to browse through the pages of egg recipes, I’ve bookmarked over the last couple months!

Have a sunshiny day.

Love, Grey & Brianna 


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