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We’re Moving!

SONY DSCDear Friends,

It’s been in the making for months now: we’re moving from our first little house in town, to our second little house in the country. With the baby’s arrival only three weeks away, we are finally starting to make progress on our new home.

It is bitter-sweet.

Not that I’m not totally excited to move to the new place, but we are leaving the home that we spent our time as newlyweds in.

I’m going to miss the kitchen that we discovered some of our favorite recipes in, the memories of the trips we took while living in this house, and just the plain fact that this is the only time (for a long time) that it was just the two of us.

Our little house highlights:

I started this blog while living there

Discovered keeping house is serious business

Our first year

We found out we were having our first baby!

…and so many memories I couldn’t categorize into a blog post…


I didn’t want to make this announcement just to reminisce about what we are leaving behind, but also to share all the good things that are in the future too.

So about the new place…

We have the kitchen painted, and most of the furniture moved.We are between both places. Half our stuff here, the other half there. We are still in the process of finishing the flooring in the new house, hooking up appliances, unpacking boxes, cleaning out the old house, and getting everything in some sort of order….because Lord knows it isn’t now….

I am so excited about this move, not that moving is ever a huge thrill…(queue images heavy lifting and piles of paper,knick-knacks,trash, and who knows what to go through), but because it symbolizes this new chapter of our lives–as parents.

Things I already love about our new home:  1) we are going to be able to walk outside rather than drive to tend our chickens and work in the garden 2) we will be very close to both sides of our family, 3) We actually have a yard! and 4) Baby will have his/her own room…that I’m planning to fill with all of the cute little baby things we got from our shower. 


Last but not least, moving is a perfect time for new home decor. 😀 There is so much that is still in boxes, not hung on the walls, and in a gigantic mess, that I will wait to give you a tour of our new home when we are finally settled.

 I’ll be posting updates along the way 😉

Hope everything is well with you and yours–bless your home and the people in it!

Love, Grey & Brianna


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