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Book, Coffee, Biscotti: White Jacket Required

wjrDear Friends,

 My most recent read was–delightful. White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber just captivated me. I read it within two sittings! The book is a “culinary coming of age” story. The author tells a story about her experiences in culinary school with little tidbits of her personal life, and yummy recipes sprinkled in between.

I’ve been reading Jenna’s blog eat, live, run for about six months and found this book so insightful into parts of her life that I never knew existed.

 It was refreshing to read something that was so innocently honest on matters of: finding one’s way after college, loss, and love. Many of the experiences she tells about in the book, were so relatable to me that I couldn’t help to nod my head in agreement as I read them. Others were astonishingly heartbreaking that reading them just made me cry because I couldn’t even begin to imagine…

 Kevin D. Gillespie sums it up when he writes:

 It is rare in this world to find a work so completely heartfelt and true to life. Ms. Weber has shown us all that even in times of hardship and suffering, beauty and light can emerge. Inspiration is a word too often thrown around, but there is simply no other way of describing White Jacket Required.” -Kevin D. Gillespie, chef and author of Fire in My Belly.

 I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys food, life, a good story, and never giving up!

 I hope your day is simply charming.

 Love, Brianna. 


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