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Our Baby was Showered.

SONY DSCDear friends,

On Saturday, our baby received some of his or her first gifts. I can’t believe the shower has already come and gone…baby’s arrival is getting so close! My parents, in-laws, and probably more friends and family than I realize, helped put on a delicious brunch and baby shower for us.SONY DSC At 11:00 am everyone started showing up, on undoubtedly on of the hottest days of the year so far. Luckily there was a breeze and my dad had the sprinklers going which helped keep everyone cool (kind of.) SONY DSCStill it was in the triple digits…look what happened to this poor cupcake….SONY DSC

Anyways… did I mention brunch was delicious. We had buttery croissants, salami, turkey, cheese, fruit, deviled eggs, yummy pasta salad, vegetables, dip, multi-grain crackers, green salad and to top things off, fancy water with cucumber and lemon.SONY DSC On the tables, there was sparkling lemonade and apple cider.SONY DSC My sister-in-law made pretty carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and lemon with lemon frosting cupcakes. This is how they looked before the sun got a hold of them. 😉SONY DSC

…and my sister made almond cupcakes with mascarpone cheese frosting. I had to sample them all of course ;). SONY DSCUnbeknownst to me, until yesterday, all of our guests brought a children’s book made out to our baby and signed. This was one of my favorite parts! My grandma gave baby a book that she used to read to me when I was little…and of coarse it made me cry in front of everyone (geez).SONY DSC

As I was opening gifts, I couldn’t believe some of the size of the baby’s clothes, they are so small! I know newborns are little but…but…these clothes are really little.SONY DSC This whole experience of getting advice, and gifts from women that already have children makes me feel like I have a lot of learning to do…and a lot of nights to not sleep through.SONY DSC I am so happy that our baby already has so many people that are going to love him or her…. they’re all such a blessing to us!

The Grandmas.
The Grandmas.

 Thank you everyone for all of the beautiful gifts.

Thank you for traveling through 105 degrees.

Thank you for the prayers.

Thank you everyone that helped put this on.

Thank you dad for being my official photographer for the day.

…and a *special thanks* to those of you that told me I don’t look that big. That kind of thing means a lot to a pregnant women sweating through her dress in front of everyone she knows.


Love, Brianna.


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