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Look What Grey Found in the Garden…

SONY DSCIsn’t it hilarious? I have to say, finding unconventionally shaped fruits and vegetables is one of my favorite parts about growing our own food. There is something so organic about it. When Grey came inside with this squatty zucchini last week, I simply looked at him like: “whatta you wanna do with that?”

The truth is, this stalky zucchini is overgrown, and wouldn’t be good for much; except for this zucchini crust pizza…or these zucchini pancakes…or this zucchini bread…or these zucchini burgers…or this chocolate chip zucchini cake. Never mind…apparently I don’t know what I was just talking about; this zucchini can be made into just about anything!

Just because it doesn’t as look as pretty or “normal” as the produce in the grocery store, doesn’t mean it is any less nutritious. If anything, something that grows organically and uncontrolled, is probably better for you than what you find in the supermarket. This particular squash is from a volunteer zucchini plant in the middle of a volunteer pumpkin patch, and required very little work on our part…and voila! We have food. What a blessing. I guess the point of all of this is to remind you to be proud of your misfit vegetables!

Hope you have some crazy squash growin’ summer days.

Love, Grey & Brianna


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