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…and we have cherries.

SONY DSCFor the last couple of years Grey and Glynn spend a day to help a friend cover his huge cherry tree. I’ve never actually seen this said tree, but have heard that it is loaded with cherries. In return, they bring home some of the fruit. Last year, Grey brought home ¾ of a 5-gallon bucket of beautiful cherries. This year, he brought home an entire 5-gallon bucket full of the biggest, plumpest, deepest red cherries I’ve ever seen!SONY DSC

I came home from work to find them sitting in the middle of our kitchen (still) in this giant white bucket. I knew I had a lot of work to do to preserve them! I spent all afternoon, yesterday simply sorting the good fruit from the bad and washing them. I set them in pretty baskets on our counter by the sink. These beauties are the best summer decoration we’ve had this year ;). They made our kitchen look like an abundant fruit stand, free for snacking. (In the last twenty-four hours I’ve had enough cherries for…well… the entire month. )SONY DSC

Today, I spent about 4 ½ hours pitting, canning, and freezing them. We now have fourteen pints of canned cherries, 1 ½ gallons of frozen, and I kept ½ gallon to have fresh over the course of the next week. The cans sit glistening on our counter as the newest summer decoration of our kitchen. I feel so blessed to be able to have this abundance of local fresh fruit in our home. We have plenty of recipes with (you guessed it) cherries on the way :). 

Happy cherry picking…and happy summer!

Love, Brianna.

P.S. I know it’s not officially summer until the end of this month, but when it’s 104 degrees outside….. Summer is here! (Unofficially I guess.)


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