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Our Chickens are Dustbathing…

SONY DSCI always like to observe our chickens for a while when I go out to feed and water them. There are so fun to watch as they peck and scratch around. It cracks me up when Lucy practices her his “cock-a-doodle-doo.” I even like watching the way they interact with each other as they find out who’s who in the pecking order.

SONY DSCThe last couple times I went out to care for our quirky little chickens, I noticed they had dug holes down below the shavings and were burrowed down into the dirt. Then they’d flatten their bodies lay on one side while throwing fine dust onto their backs, then onto the other side. I kind of shrugged it off at first. “Maybe that one’s just having a bad day…or something.SONY DSCthen I noticed it another day with a few more members of the flock, and started to think we got a bad batch of birds. They looked like their legs and little pea brains were broken. It was then that I decided to do some research on trusty ‘ol Google to find out that most ground birds participate in dust bathing to clean and protect themselves against parasites. Oh thank goodness! They’re healthy…and apparently normal. I was seriously starting to have my doubts. Happy 3 month old birthday chickens!

Love, Brianna


4 thoughts on “Our Chickens are Dustbathing…

  1. This is too funny! I remember the first time I saw my chickens dust bathing. I thought they were paralyzed and couldn’t get up so I started freaking out! Now I love to see them enjoying a good bath 🙂 Your chickens are so cute!

    Visiting from Down Home Blog Hop 🙂

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