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First Canning This Year.

SONY DSCOne week ago, we did our first canning of the year. Our beets were getting exceptionally plump and it was time to do something about it. We spent the morning pulling them all out of the earth, and stuffing them into big brown paper grocery bags. Six of ‘em to be exact. Then brought all the loot into the kitchen where we cut the tops, washed the beets, and collected a sink full of dirt. Lovely.SONY DSC

After getting them (and our kitchen) into a clean manageable state, we starting boiling pot after pot of beets until they were all tender, peeled, and absolutely irresistible. I started sterilizing our jars, making the brine, packing the pints, and processing our pickled beets three to four jars at a time. Until there were twenty-one of ‘em. Twenty-one perfectly, sealed, dated, and preserved pints of pickled beets. My favorite part of the canning process is the next step–stashing away all of our homegrown goods into to cupboard for the next year….and finally sitting down of course.SONY DSC Standing at the kitchen counter for 7 hours straight is absolutely exhausting when you’re eight months pregnant! It was a day  well spent though. Growing and preserving our own food makes me feel so blessed that we live in such a beautiful world that is so wonderfully designed.

Are you planning to do any canning this year?

Love, Grey and Brianna

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