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Our Mother’s Day Highlights…a week later.


Me and my mama.
Me and my mama.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since Mother’s day! Where does the time go? Seriously. Where? We’ve got approximately 8 weeks until baby is here, so I considered this my first Mother’s Day. Despite the happy “almost” Mother’s day wishes I received throughout the day. … Doesn’t having your abdomen stretched to the size of a basketball count for anything??SONY DSCSONY DSC

My sweet husband surprised me with a Mother’s Day present that he had purchased, wrapped, and stowed away under our bookshelf earlier in the week.SONY DSC It was a GoPro!SONY DSC We had been talking about making terribly embarrassing home videos for our kids. You know when dad narrates the entire hospital visit? “1989 at Memorial Hospital…” Haha.

Grey playing ping pong.
Grey playing ping pong.


I’m so excited he chose a GoPro because they can be taken anywhere. Strapped to the stroller in Disneyland. Wore on family ski trips. I can’t wait to take this thing on our first family vacation! After opening my present and having breakfast, Grey and I went to Church.SONY DSCThen we headed down to my Aunt Kathy’s house to meet with some of the mamas on my side of the family. 

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC Then to Grey’s parents to have a BBQ and spend time with the mamas on his side of the family.SONY DSC That’s pretty much the day in a nutshell.SONY DSC Mamas, food, presents, love. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Love, Brianna




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