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April Things.


Grey picking greens in the garden.
Grey picking greens in the garden.

1. Started this month off right with a trip to beautiful Sonoma, Ca!

2. I Devoured the Nicholas Sparks novel Safe Haven. I’m a big sap what else can I say?

3. Started a new Beth Moore Bible Study on Wednesday nights!

4. Officially in the third trimester. Only two and a half more months to go baby!

5. We bought a new car!–our very first family car. 🙂 I love it!

6. My baby brother turned 21 years old this month!

7. Speaking of birthdays…our chickens are two months old. 🙂

8.  Does anyone else think this soup looks amazing? 

9. I took a week off from blogging during April, to re-gather my thoughts and spend some quality time with the LORD.

10. **Prayersprayersprayers** for everyone affected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon earlier this month. Still sending lots of love, lots of hugs, and many blessings.

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Love, Brianna

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