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A Man’s Man. ;)

I thought I’d share something today, I found particularly entertaining.

Last weekend, Grey and I took a trip to the local home improvement store to gather up some supplies for the garden. You know, just a few small pots and some kitchen herbs. It didn’t take long though, for our cart to be totally full of many big pots, herbs, tomatoes, and flowers. …we decided after about twenty minutes we needed two carts for lots of potting soil and mulch to go with all of our big pots and plants.

It didn’t hit us until after we’d already paid, and were walking out to load up all of our garden goods, that we have to get this all home. …in my car. Not my truck. Not my SUV. Not even my “big car.” But my teensy tiny little VW Beetle.

There were a few guys across the parking easily loading all their lumber and what-nots into the bed of their pick-ups while Grey and I stood next to my car assessing the space (possibly) miscalculation. I stood just looking at all of the stuff that was going to have to sit in my lap. For Grey…no problem.  He looked at all of our supplies, opened the back door, evaluated everything that had to go in, and what space we had…thought about it…then went to work. He rearranged, pieced together, and strategically placed everything we had bought in the nursery in the back of my car…SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

SONY DSC…without damaging one tender little plant. We drove away with everything packed in like it was nobody’s business. Ahem. That’s why I love him. Just thought you should know. 


Love, Brianna




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