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Our Chicken Flock: They’re Two Months Old.

SONY DSCThis month our hens (and suspicious looking roosters) have definitely entered the “not-a-chick-anymore phase.” They are perching on every high surface they can find, and are completely feathered; which means they don’t need their little heating lamp anymore. 😦 They are so grown up. We’ve transitioned to buying 50lb bags of chick food at a time because they are eating so much! In two weeks we will be starting them on the “growing feed.”

Our flock of fifteen may dwindle down to twelve fairly soon. We are sure that two of our bantam chickens, Cluck and Lucy (yes, they only chicks we named,) and one of our red “pullets” are roosters. Though there are some benefits to having a rooster around to protect the flock, we have decided that we only want hens right now.


1) We are only interested in having eggs.

2) Though not all roosters are aggressive, some are known to be pretty fierce (especially around children.)SONY DSC

So…we are looking for homes for our three little guys. Interested? It’s probably not the time to mention that they are just learning how to crow now….but they are…and it’s hilarious.SONY DSC

Oh and our coop status? We’re still working on it, but don’t worry, the chickens are in a completely safe and in a spacious space right now. I am, however, ready to have the coop finished so we can start developing a cleaning and feeding routine. Now they just get to run willy-nilly with no bedtime. No structure. Probably a rebel chicken’s dream.  

Until next time!

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Love, Grey & Brianna


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