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If just for ten minutes…

SONY DSCI often experience this “euphoria” when the house is perfectly clean…call me crazy, but it is just one of the many (little) things I enjoy.

After hours of doing the dishes, clearing surfaces, sweeping the floor, making the bed, emptying waste baskets, folding laundry, scrubbing the tub, and finally lighting that yummy smelling candle to top everything off;I can relax. Our house finally looks like less of a jumbled mess, and more like our little home again. I can enjoy the pretty tile floor, the productive sound of the washing machine, and the cushy green pillows on the couch. “This is how I imagined home to be when I was little.”

It is, however, usually short lived because all it takes is making one pot of oatmeal or doing one load of laundry to mess things up. Well… I guess it is not just the ONE pot of oatmeal or ONE load of laundry, but the accumulation of: three…to six…to nine tasks that go unattended that leave the house looking very….can you say stressed?…. Out of control?… Barely habitable!?… You hear me fellow lovers of a tidy house!?

MAINTAINING a clean house is an ongoing battle that seems almost always out of my reach.. There is this ebb and flow of messy to clean to messy again always going on (in my house at least!) I don’t expect that this battle is going to magically disappear in the near future. But, I would not mind taking baby steps to feeling a closeness to a sparkly clean house every week, even if just for a few moments because it is then, that I feel the most comfortable when working on projects, writing, meditating, reading, studying, …and living!.

There is almost nothing better than sitting in a tidy house with slouchy comfy socks, a hot drink, and a good book. I love these little moments…even IF they only last for 10 minutes.

Love, Brianna



2 thoughts on “If just for ten minutes…

  1. I am the same way: I never seem to keep the house clean and organized the way I want it for longer than a day. I’d rather spend my time cooking, exercising, reading and doing other fun things than cleaning! 🙂

    1. Me too! I never mind making the mess as I am zipping around the kitchen letting onions skins hit the floor, but when I am all through….all I can think is. “What the?” “who made this mesS?!”

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