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Our Chicken Flock: It’s been one month!

SONY DSCIt’s already been one month since we purchased our little chicks. The time flies almost as fast as they grow!

We have been enjoying watching their different personalities form. Since our last update, the chicks are almost fully feathered and are looking more like “grown-ups” every day. They are still in that awkward teenage stage right now, which is quite comical. And boy, have they developed an appetite! We’ve gone through almost 40 pounds of chick feed so far.

They are now ready to start finding places up high to perch…wherever they can find it. Grey put a slanted 2×4 for them to perch on, but they still find it oh so satisfying to get onto various ledges, and even their water container. Without further adieu, I present to you: zee flock…


This is the most curious chick from the flock, Grey named this one Cluck. Remember Cluck? He looked like THIS two weeks ago.


I just adore the red chicks they are so pretty, and are the color of the flock!


Lucy is my favorite though, she is such a round little chick. In the beginning we thought she wasn’t going to make it, but she’s now going strong! 🙂 Aren’t the feathered feed so cute!?!


Call me crazy, but in this stage the white birds look a bit like a bunch of seagulls Grey and I were watching last summer in Monterey, Ca.


Thanks for checking in on us! 

 Love, Grey & Brianna

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