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March Things.

SONY DSC1. Been patiently awaiting the arrival brightly colored tops and flowy skirts….guess what? They’re here!!

2. Totally digging Leo Babauta’s blog Zen habits, to get me all geared up for spring-cleaning and organization.

SONY DSC3. Making an effort to spend time with God everyday by reading from the book of Matthew this month.

4. Anyone else loving the new series on the History Channel: “The Bible”? It is so well done!

5. This recipe from the Cookin’ Canuck is so tasty! It is the closest thing that I have found to Starbucks’ “spinach feta wrap.” Try this one!

6. Excited for Easter!!

SONY DSC7. I’ve picked up the art of….drum roll…crocheting! I have been admiring all of the handmade baby hats and blankets and thought, I ought to give it a try. I’ll update about this new adventure later :).

8.  I STILL haven’t filed for taxes! My goal went from: “get taxes done early this year” to “get them done before March is over!!”

9. Thinking about giving myself a bedtime…I know silly right? I just find that I’ve been staying awake way too much and not getting enough sleep. I’m thinking 9:00, maybe? We’ll see how this goes.

10. This is awesome: “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” ~Psalm 91:4 

Happy Monday everyone!

Love, Brianna 


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