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Our First Chicken Flock: 2 Week Update

SONY DSCI wanted to give an update on our chicken flock since we brought home our first little chicks last Thursday.

Since last Thursday…

  • We added six red pullets to our flock. They are absolutely adorable! (probably not as adorable as my Lucy,) but I still love them and want to hold them every chance I get.–That makes fifteen chickens!


  • Our yellow (or white) chicks have decided to sprout tail feathers out of nowhere. 


  • We have gone through 10 lbs of feed so far. SONY DSC
  • Currently we are still just planning the coop but have yet to actually start building (this makes me so nervous because they just keep growing!)
  • We thought Lucy wasn’t going to make it, but she’s making an excellent recovery. 


Things we have learned so far:

  1. Chicks grow at an exponential rate. 
  2. They don’t like being held as much when they get older. 
  3. Chicks like to kick shavings into their water making it absolutely necessary to change their water every day.SONY DSC
  4. There is always someone at the bottom of the pecking order. 😦 
  5. Chickens need to be buttoned up tight, to protect them from predators….and sweet jack russells that find them incredibly irresistible (I do forgive you Ty.)
  6. When bantam chicks stretch their neck out they kind of look like baby ostriches.SONY DSCSONY DSC

Hope all is well, friends!
Love, Grey and Brianna.


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