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Our First Chicken Flock.

SONY DSCDear friends,

Thursday, Grey and I started our very first chicken flock. Yes. Chickens. We have been tossing around the idea of raising chickens for fresh eggs for a couple months now; and on Thursday we finally did it. We bought nine pullets and three bantams at our local feed store. We will be going back this Wednesday to get three or four red pullets to complete our flock.SONY DSC We have both never raised chickens before, so we have a lot of learning to do. I’ve been gathering information from blogs like the old farmers almanac , eartheasy , and rural revolution to get started. We set our chicks up in a large metal trough lined with dry shavings, water, chick food, and a heat lamp to keep them warm and toasty.

SONY DSCI love their little chirps and how they run around frantically like a herd with their tiny wings flared out, when I try to pick them up.

SONY DSCIn almost every forum, article, and book about chickens they warn me, the reader, to not name the chicks right away because… sadly….there’s a good chance not every one of ‘em will make it to egg laying maturity *sniffles.* Me, being a hopeless romantic, went against these warnings and named this one LucySONY DSC… and Grey named this one cluck.SONY DSCSONY DSC We are in the process of planning the coop situation for when they get a bit older, but for now we will be keeping a close eye on Lucy, Cluck, and all the rest by making sure they stay clean, dry, hydrated, warm,fed, and loved. SONY DSC

If you have any chicken raising experience we would GLADLY accept your advice below 😉

Love, Grey and Brianna


5 thoughts on “Our First Chicken Flock.

  1. Hi, congratulations on your new babies!
    I got my first chicks last April and have been enjoying it a lot. I got 8.
    My first mistake: not having the coop built when I got them. I thought for sure I would have it done by the time they were 7-8 weeks old. I urge you to get done as soon as possible. They outgrow their little box faster that you can imagine.
    Remember they need about 4 sq. ft. per bird, and TONS of ventilation. Moisture build up in the coop is dangerous, winter and summer. For 15 hens, your coop should be about 6 x 10 with about 20′ of roost space (the “branch” or pole they will sleep on.)plus they will need an outdoor run about twice as big as the coop. At about 18 weeks old, you will need to add 3 or 4 egg boxes (they like to share, one egg box for every 4 or 5 hens is plenty.) There are of ideas on-line.
    A great resource is
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much for your input! Your right, we have only had them for about a week, and their fuzzy little wings are almost all feathered out. I look at the pictures from the first day we got them, and they have definetly grown…in a week! We are going to get started on their housing asap. 🙂 Thank you again for your advice, and resource…we need as much as we can get! 😀 ~Brianna

  2. Congrats on your chickens! It’s always exciting to get chicks. Be forewarned – they’re addicting. 🙂 We started with a reasonable amount & few years later we now have about 3 times as many as we started with. We’ve also been collecting fertile eggs & incubating them. They are a wonderful pet and/or livestock.

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