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We’re Having a Baby: The “Official Announcement.”

SONY DSCMost of our close family and friends have known for a while now, that Grey and I are expecting our first baby this summer. I haven’t posted anything publicly (up until now) about our new little one, because we have just been enjoying the quietness of this special time in our lives.

The Story:
On November 4, 2012 at 2:00am I got out of bed and took a home pregnancy test. I remember thanking and praying to God for our future baby, (whenever he/she decided to come into this world) while waiting for the test results. After about three minutes I peeked over the counter at the test, and there I saw it, two lines. Two lines. I checked the packaging. Yup. Two lines means…we’re having a baby. We are having a baby. I remember silently giggling to myself in the bathroom (and yes there may have been a little dance involved,) but this means we are having a baby. On my way back to bed, I actually turned back around, and went back into the bathroom to double check before I woke Grey up with the news. I couldn’t figure out if I was so tired and foggy brained because it was 2:00am, or this is for real. I peeked again…and…yes…there are TWO pink lines. Yes. Yes. Yes. I climbed back into bed and gave Grey a good shake.
“I just took a test.” He simply looked at me with one squinted eye like “this better be good.”
“It was positive.” He hugged me and was as equally excited as I was. There wasn’t much to say, but now neither of us could sleep. (This just so happened to be daylight savings time…you know the night you are supposed to get an extra hour of sleep?) Yeah. We didn’t get that extra hour. We talked a little about how much this is going to change our lives, but were quiet a lot, I think getting used to the idea. It just didn’t seem real. I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning, thinking it was all a dream, I wasn’t sure…so I ran back to the bathroom and there it lay, the test, with it’s two pink lines. “It’s daytime and we’re still having a baby,” I thought.

Even after we told our families, before we went for our first prenatal appointment. I was in disbelief. I barely had morning sickness, I didn’t look pregnant yet. Is this for real?  I took about three more pregnancy tests (before Grey refused I buy another) over the next couple weeks just to be sure.I guess I just didn’t want to get my hopes up. I didn’t want to get attached to a baby that wasn’t actually there.

12 weeks pregnant. New Years Day.
12 weeks pregnant. New Years Day

The “this is for real” moment:

The morning of the run. 7 weeks pregnant.
The morning of the run. 7 weeks pregnant.

I was scheduled to run a 5k a couple months ago, only a few weeks after we found out we were having a baby. It was a morning trail run. I wasn’t nervous about the running because I had ran before we got pregnant and it is generally okay to continue to the same or a lesser degree of intensity. I ran with my dad for entire run and it started off great: beautiful scenery, nice weather, I felt good. Going strong I thought. ….until I decided to admire some beautiful colored fall leaves while I was running. Ka-BAM! I hit the trail.
I suddenly couldn’t breathe, my ribs and knee were scratched up; and the only thing I could think of was our tinsy-tiny little baby, that fell down on the trail with me. I was crying out loud like a frantic mess….because I couldn’t breathe, it freakin’ hurt, but mostly because I felt like I crushed our blueberry sized baby. My dad turned around and reassured me that everything is fine and we finished the race (I cried the whole rest of the way.)

After the race.
After the race.

It was over the course of the next couple of days, while I was googling “falling down 8 weeks pregnant,” and asking everyone close to Grey and I their opinion of the incident, that it hit me. I was going to be a mother. I was consumed with doing everything I could (which isn’t anything in this situation) to make sure this little blueberry was going to be okay. After our first prenatal appointment, when we saw the heartbeat, and it’s little arm buds ;), I felt so relieved.

8 weeks.
8 weeks.

Since then…well everything has been great. Outside of a couple bouts of garlic induced nausea. This has been a wonderful pregnancy. Grey and a both are now feeling the baby do flips and kicks, I can’t fit into any of my regular pants anymore, and strangers in the grocery store have the impulse to touch my belly.

18 weeks.

THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re having a baby everyone!

SONY DSCLove, Grey and Brianna


3 thoughts on “We’re Having a Baby: The “Official Announcement.”

  1. Congratulations to both of you! This is Coco’s, Auntie Trina (& Uncle Dave) : )
    I actually found your page as Chrissy posted it on facebook! I have enjoyed reading your blogs, and seeing the photos. You can find me on Chrissy, Angie, or Cassie’s FB friends…would love to have you on my friends list! Give Coco a big hug for us, will you? Grey was pretty young last time we were there. Now a handsome young man, who has obviously been blessed with a precious beautiful wife! Blessings…..♡

    1. Thank you! We are so excited to welcome this little on into our lives! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy the blog, we started it just so friends and family could keep up. Our Facebook page isn’t a personal page so we can’t add friends or even comment on other people’s FB posts :(. I can visit other peoples’ pages though, and I’ll remember to keep checking in on yours’ 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, maybe someday we can meet in person. 🙂 p.s. of course I’ll give Coco a hug for ya! 😀

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