Our New Window.

SONY DSCSince we’ve lived in our little home, Grey and I have had a windowless bathroom. Well I guess it could be considered a half window. We cut the hole for it and bought the window eight months ago, but haven’t put it in until yesterday.

…hmmm…”cut the hole” for it doesn’t seem quite like the proper “technical” term.

…on the other hand…I’m not sure there is a “technical term” for cutting a hole in a wall.

Stop listening to me… I know practically (scratch that, ABSOLUTELY) nothing about construction.


This adds three….yes THREE windows to our house. I’m stoked. It brightens the whole place up quite nicely. …and our bathroom smells like a new house…you know the mix of new wood and a fresh coat of paint. I am excited to finally finish decorating this room!


…This post really has no other point, but to share our fancy-schmancy new window.

Thank you, thank you, thank you: Grey, Glynn, and Doug 🙂 … 😀

Love, Brianna


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