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Mini Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce.



Happy Friday.

This morning I finally folded the giant heap of clean laundry that has daunted me for the last three days. Phew! It felt good to get that out of the way…

…Then met with my mama at Starbucks to catch up over a cup of coffee….

…When I got home, I used our “about-to-go-bad-and-need-to-be-used-right-away-bananas” to make banana walnut bread…

…and as we speak, Grey is getting his very first professional massage. I’ve got to say: It. Is. About. Time. ….because I’m pretty much the world’s worst massager.


Enough about that, though. Today we’re talking meatballs. Mini meatballs…in red wine sauce. I made this recipe last Tuesday and it was a big hit. It is one of Jenna’s recipes over at eat, live, run. Boy is it delicious. Instead of serving at as an appetizer we ate it over a bed of wild rice for dinner one night.


Grey came home extremely hungry to find that I already had this meal prepared and ready to be eaten. … and that’s what we did: ate and ate and ate. There’s something about mini meatballs that says: “go on…just have another it won‘t hurt just to have one more.” … which apparently to me, meant about 10 more.

I just wanted to share this recipe with everyone. We thought is was simply scrumptious, and I hope you will too. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

Love, Grey and Brianna.


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