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Weekly: Dinner Menu and Grocery Shopping.

SONY DSCThe weather has been exceptionally cold around here. I now allow 10 minutes to defrost my windshield to my morning routine. Can you believe we are more than half-way through with January? **Lord I pray that my eyes are opened to ways to slow down the days!*


(…and for the record, it’s not actually snowing here, these are some pics from our recent snow trip!).

This week, I am looking forward to continuing on keeping order by completing small tasks right away instead of procrastinating.For the dinner menu, I focused on using similar ingredients to cut down on our grocery spending. I’ve included ingredients to meals that Grey has been asking for: “shallots” “wild rice” and “sauerkraut” have been his most recent requests. I am excited to incorporate these meals especially sauerkraut–I’ve never tried it!

The Menu.
Saturday–Panko crusted chicken bites with apricot mustard sauce
Sunday–Greek Chicken.
Monday–Mini Meatballs in Red Wine Sauce over wild rice
Tuesday–Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers
Wednesday–Chicken Reubens
Thursday–Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms over brown rice  
Friday–Leftover Night

The List.
apricot jam
cherry tomatoes
feta cheese
grape jelly
wild rice
brown rice  
frozen spinach
canned diced tomatoes
whole tomatoes
tomato sauce
stewed tomatoes
rye Bread
Swiss cheese
baby carrots
Whole wheat English muffins
prune juice

*This list includes ingredients for dinner, snacks, and breakfast. Once a week Grey and I go to Costco to buy our big-ticket items like meat, yogurt, laundry soap, etc. This cuts down our weekly expenses tremendously!*

**Check out our list of grocery staples that we usually keep in the house, and how we plan a menu, and why.**

Love, Grey and Brianna. 


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