It’s been a while…

…and rightly so. We’ve been engulfed by this holiday season. The “hustle and bustle” in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, the anticipation of the first rain, the adornment of our home from harvest Autumn to sparkly Christmas wonderland, our first wedding anniversary, and some very exciting not-so-top-secret news.

Lately, I have been enjoying the collection of Christmas music showing up on the radio, and looking at the white twinkle lights on every tree on Mainstreet downtown.

There is something that makes me get all, warm and old-fashioned feeling around Christmas. I want to stay inside, put on a cute frilly apron, and bake something delicious to the tunes of Frank Sinatra and Nat “King” Cole. I am reminded everywhere I go that this life is such a blessing.

Words like: “merry,” “joy,” “miracle,” and “jolly,” are splashed everywhere because this is the season. This is the season of giving, of faith, and getting back to what is important. I wish that the entire year could embody this spirit of bliss and generosity.

…and it does for many people.

I am so thankful though, that EVERY year in this country we come together, and carry the spirit in our hearts even just for this very short month, the way that God intended us to all year around.

Thank you for believing, giving, loving, worshipping, laughing, creating, decorating, singing, hugging, praying, listening, breathing, FORGIVING, dancing, meditating, and being happy.

God has given us the wonderful freedom to love him, our families, and frilly aprons unapologetically because he wants us to be happy.

…so be happy.

..pray for those that are not.


…give to those that have not.

…worship Jesus with a heart of gladness.


…listen carefully.

…breath deeply…

…forgive trespasses that seem unforgivable…

…decorate until your heart’s content…

…meditate on the goodness in this life…

..and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Love, Grey and Brianna.



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