Apple Picking Equals Cider Making.

Grey and I recently took the trip up to the cabin, we had been planning all week. We woke up at 4:00 am to catch a ride with Papa Glynn and Glynn. We spent the day hanging out with family, feeding fish, meeting new friends, picking apples, making cider, and of course eating apples. I think Grey and I EACH consumed about ten apples. We experienced a similar overdose on fruit the last time Grey went to the cabin. Here are some of the highlights:

Early morning sky at the cabin. Isn’t it beautiful? It smelled like fresh pine and dew.

…and so many apples to eat.

We spent the morning picking tons of apples…

…because apple picking equals cider making ;).

Here’s a shot of the cider making process!

We took home twelve jars of apple cider; and have been cooking with it at night, and heating it up in the afternoon to drink. There is a word I’m trying to think of that describes autumn and apple cider together….hmmm…oh yeah…perfect.

Love , Grey and Brianna


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