I Got a Present…a Running Present.

I had just finished grocery shopping, and was loading a few essentials in my car when a messenger caught me in the parking lot, (my mom) and said “someone told me to give you this.” It was a green lunch sized bag with a big white button on the front. I had no idea who it was from. Mom just acted like she had no clue and insisted that I open it. Inside, there was pretty striped tissue paper, a glittery bow; polka-dotted wrapping paper and this:

It was a gift from my dad.

A Garmin Forerunner! For those of you that aren’t familiar with it….it’s a watch. A watch that records: time, distance, pace, and calories. It has a GPS tracker and a USB connector, so I can load my runs on the computer to keep track. I’m so excited. I have had my eyes on one of these puppies for a while now, but have been waiting to gather enough resources to make the investment.

…and the best part? …It’s pink. 🙂

Love, Brianna

P.S. Thank you, Dad, sooooooooooooooooo much for my Garmin! I absolutely, positively love it.


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