Calico Fair Fun Run 5k and a Fancy Schmancy Restaurant.

Last weekend, I ran my first race since I started running again. It was such a good experience. 🙂 Grey and I got up around 6:30 am to pack for Sonoma, and get ready for the race. We checked in at 8:00. Everyone was drinking coffee, pinning their race numbers on, and warming up. Because this was an elementary school fundraiser, there were kids running around volunteering and getting ready to race.

Everyone lined up and got ready to go. The first mile was easy. I felt good. The air was crisp and there were so many people just chatting as they ran together, and kids racing each other full speed right from the start. The reason it felt so good, at the beginning is because it was the beginning 😉 and (I found out on the way back) it was downhill going that way. Once we headed back to the start, or “finish,” it was a gradual uphill for most of the route. I felt it. I also felt a tinge of competition with the two ladies that were right at my pace. We kept alternating places with each other. First. Second. First. Second. Third. First. Then back to second. I passed them up in the end, getting first in my age division.

I forgot to look at the time at the finish, but I know it was 27-something. I grabbed an ice-cold water, as Grey met me at the finish line. Yes. This part is definitely my favorite part of racing.

After the race Grey and I, headed straight down to Sonoma to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We spent the afternoon walking around the vineyard, eating figs, and visiting with family. Later, the Grandparents took us to a fancy Italian dinner downtown Sonoma. I ordered the lasagna and Grey had the duck-some-Italian-word-I-don’t-know. They were both delish!

Thanks for coming along 🙂

Love, Grey and Brianna.


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