A Famous Dave’s Birthday for Dad.

For dad’s 47th birthday we went to Famous Dave’s. It is a super fun BBQ place that had paper towels on every table instead of napkins, and 6 different sauces that ranged from sweet, mild, tangy, and spicy. The house was packed a Thursday night. I wanted to share some pics from our little party, even though it was 2 weeks ago! Apologies for a delayed report, hope you enjoy!

Here’s the crew minus me ’cause I’m the photographer! 🙂 From left to right: Grey, (brother) Ben, Mom, Dad, (brother’s girlfriend) Hope, and (brother) E.J.

The front view of the restaurant.

The interior was filled with vintage signs, with a BBQ pork theme. My brother, E.J. noted this sign was awesome. He wants one.

Here’s the “napkins.” These paper towels were on every table, for that big ‘ol rack of ribs!

Mom and Dad.

E.J. and girlfriend Hope.

Mom and Ben.

Food’s here!

After dinner, we surprised dad with an embarrassing “Happy Birthday!!” song in front of the entire restaurant. Famous Dave’s gave us a complimentary ice cream dessert for the occasion! 🙂


Happy Birthday Dad!

**Blessings for the entire year to come!**

Love, Grey and Brianna


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