The GRAND (ish) Tour.

Grey and I have been living in  our first little house for seven months now…and I haven’t ever given a proper tour. We live in a little one bedroom, one bathroom house. It’s perfect for us! Grey and Glynn tiled the entire house before we moved in, so we have yet to buy a vacuum. On cleaning days, I’ll open the front door, sweep out all the dryer lint, fallen tidbits (from us furiously cooking in the kitchen,) 😉 and mop (seemingly) all in one motion. We haven’t done much in the way of decorating yet, but none-the-less…without further adieu…welcome to our little humble abode.

To your right, you’ll notice someone stunningly handsome 😉

To your left, under our television is our Martha Stewart organizing shelf, I have declared our cookbook/movie/change/everything-we-use-often shelves.

Here’s a shot of our kitchen…and a little peek of the laundry room.



Tea? No takers?…moving on….Here’s our little bathroom….…and a shot of the laundry room looking out from the bedroom. That’s it!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Happy days, in a happy home.

Love, Grey and Brianna


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