A Pumpkin Patch…with alotta pumpkins.

Last week, while Grey and Glynn were off hunting, I had a visitor knock on my door with an invitation to go to a pumpkin festival. It was my mother-in-law :). Of course I was delighted to go to scope out the types of pumpkins they had to offer…for fall decorating 🙂 They definitely exceeded my expectations. There were pumpkins of all sorts: big, small, white, green, striped, bumpy…the list just kept getting longer as we strolled around. Everyone was walking around with wagons, grabbing pumpkins, gourds, and cornstalks of all shapes and sizes.

This fruit regularly offers fresh fruit and vegetables during the appropriate season.

…and of course, I couldn’t leave without taking this pic for Grey 🙂

Aren’t they unique, gray pumpkins? Wouldn’t they be neat inside painted or glittered?

Oh…now I’ve got to clean my house and get it all ready to play dress up…with sparkled pumpkins, loads of fall time ribbon, foliage, and leaves….Happy Autumn.

Love, Grey and Brianna.

**Thank you, Coco, for the invitation, my pretty white Cinderella pumpkin!**


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