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Menu 9/29-10/5 2012

Grey and I have been nothing but busy! Between meetings, hunting, cleaning, cooking, parties, and photo-shoots we have been in some serious need of some R&R. These week I experimented in the kitchen a bit by making my version of whole wheat pizza crust and homemade teriyaki sauce. I can’t wait to share these recipes with you! and…

as promised here is our menu and review from the past week:

Saturday– Cook’s Illustrated’s Beef Stroganoff
This was by far the worst meal of the week. This is not a slam against Cook’s Illustrated, by any means, we love Cook’s Country! 🙂 …we just don’t love beef stroganoff…or LOTS of sour cream. This meal was disappointing for a few reasons: 1) Grey is not a fan of beef stroganoff, and I am only a “semi-fan” of the dish. 2) The beef was tough 3) I know beef stroganoff is a heavier dish, but I was not anticipating the amount of sour cream that this recipe called for….talk about a tummy-ache.

Sunday–Chicken Teriyaki
This was the best meal of the week we used bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs with a homemade teriyaki sauce, I will be sharing later this week. We dished it over simple brown rice with black pepper.

Monday–Chicken Canzanese
This was good, but not memorable. Very simple, light, and easy to make.

Tuesday–Rustic Pizza
When Grey and I make rustic pizza, it usually just includes large pieces of chicken breasts, a thick sun-dried tomato spread, LOTS of mushrooms, basil, kalamata olives, and fresh parmesan cheese. Usually we use an amazing sprouted pizza crust from Alvarado Street Bakery, but I wanted to tackle how to make my own crust…so I did! It turned out great. I still need to fine tune some minor details, before I share our recipe. Stay tuned!

Wednesday-Grandma’s 89th Birthday!

Thursday– Cook’s Illustrated’s Beef and Vegetable Soup
Grey informed me, after trying this soup that I can “make this again.” Grey is not a huge soup fan, so that is a two thumbs up in my book. It was deliciously, fresh and simple. The beef was tender, and unlike a lot of other recipes it only contained a few choice ingredients like carrots, mushrooms, and celery. Yum!

Friday–Leftovers: “the reason to make food you wouldn’t mind eating again.”

Love, Grey and Brianna


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