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Now You CAN Make Muffins, and Eat Your Bread Too.

Last week, I made yummy fall-time harvest bread. Like other instances I’ve made quick bread, like zucchini bread, Grey and I find it difficult to finish the entire loaf within the “freshness period.” We often end up discarding up to ¼ of a loaf. I cannot stand food waste, and vowed,  to make two smaller loaves next time, so we could freeze one for later. As we were gorging ourselves on thick slices of this harvest bread over breakfast, Grey mentioned that this bread would make a great muffin.

Hmm…  I thought. All quick breads can be turned into muffins can’t they? Banana bread. Check. Zucchini Bread? Check. There seemed to be a pattern here.

I did a little researching to find out that, yes, all quick breads can be transformed into muffins! The only factor that differs from the bread recipe to the muffin recipe, is the cook time. The cook time is cut in half…how convenient!

This solves Grey and I’s “finishing-an-entire-loaf-of-bread-by-ourselves-problem” even better than baking two smaller loaves because, by baking muffins, we can more easily share with family.

Turning quick bread into muffins:

  • Reduces cook time
  • Makes bread more crowd sharing friendly
  • Allows for easier freezing and defrosting accessibility

Hope you are having a better-than-baked-bread kind-of-day.
Love, Grey and Brianna


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