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Bunless Turkey Burgers with Yam Fries.

Yum! Turkey burgers are so tasty, and a much lighter version than the much more popular hamburger.

Here’s why we like them:

1)      They are quick and easy to make, especially for weeknights.

2)      There are endless ways to prepare turkey burgers.

3)     They are a healthy lean source of protein.

We do eat bread, but combined with another starchy carbohydrate (like yam fries) Grey and I like to eliminate un-needed carbs, and just go for the good stuff!

You can prepare any type of turkey burger, eliminate the bun, and serve with yam fries. 🙂 Here is our favorite recipe:

(Printable version) 



1 lb of extra lean ground turkey breast

½ cup of feta cheese

1 tsp dried red pepper flakes

1 egg

½ cup bread crumbs

1 TBS grapeseed oil


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix with your hands. Form turkey into patties (should make about four patties.)  Drizzle grapeseed oil in a large non-stick skillet, over medium heat. Cover and cook patties for about 7-8 minutes on each side, or until cooked all the way through.

Topping suggestions:






BBQ Sauce




(Printable recipe)


1 large sweet potato

1 TBS grapeseed oil

1 TSP salt


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees farenheight.

2. Cut the yam length wise into sticks or “fries.”

3. Place on a large baking sheet

4. Drizzle with grapeseed oil and sprinkle LIGHTLY with salt.

5. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes tossing every 5 minutes so that the salt and oil coats the yams evenly.

6. Serve with turkey burgers.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!

Love, Grey and Brianna


2 thoughts on “Bunless Turkey Burgers with Yam Fries.

    1. Me too! I the texture is great if they are baked for the right amount of time. I find that they are so much sweeter than sweet potato fries….and I just feel like the deep orange color has to be healthier! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Bri.

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