Helping—Being in good health relieves physical and emotional pain. Getting out and performing your weekly moving minutes refreshes you body and mind. This helps to live a good life! Once you are feeling healthy, you are able to encourage other people to do the same. Help yourself and help others, by esteeming wellness.

Exuberant—Feel more energetic and excited about life! Sharing a simple yoga class, or bike ride with friends can boost your spirit and vigor. Get out there and be exuberant you lively little thing you ;).

Active–Exercise doesn’t have to be hard, choose something you like. Walking? Running? Rock-climbing? Stretching? Anything that moves your body, will give you more energy throughout the day, and lead to a happier lifestyle.

Loving—Health is love. Genuinely taking care of yourself=Loving yourself and loved ones. Keep this in mind when you are being active. Do everything you do with love on the mind and in the heart. Devote your workouts to the ones you love. Love. Love. Love…I can’t say it enough.

Thankful—Be grateful that you are so blessed to have the opportunity to exercise, and fill your body with healthy food. Not everyone is afforded this seemingly essential aspect of life. Devote your workouts to those that cannot run, jump, and play. Don’t take this for granted, it is so important.

Happy—Don’t worry about those that say you aren’t doing this or that right. Be happy because you are doing something good. Feel the happy that you ran the fastest you’ve ever run or that you haven’t touched a soft drink for eight months. Feel good about yourself. Be healthy. Be happy.

 My “Moving Minutes.” 

(What are “moving minutes?”)

How did you do this week?

Have a Helpful, Exuberant, Active, Loving, Thankful, and Happy day.


Grey and Brianna


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