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Homemade Pancake-Mix

Making pancakes is something that takes time, so it is usually limited to Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday in our home. The only reason it takes longer to make than any other breakfast is the amount of ingredients involved. Our pancake recipe has 10 ingredients and it takes a while to get everything out, mixed, and in the pan. I have wanted to make a “mix” version our recipe,so it is easy to make them, even on weekdays.

So… I bought one of these it is a Rubbermaid containers.

Then I measured the dry ingredients enough for 4 batches of pancakes, mixed, and put in our new handy-dandy container.

Now when we are ready to make pancakes we just need to add water, vanilla, and olive oil. I am so excited about this! It was so much easier to mix enough dry ingredients for a week or two at once, while everything was out. And unlike store-bought pancake mixes, you can include or omit whatever you want.

Hope your day is simplified. 


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