Workout Like An Olympian.

I’ve been watching the 2012 London Olympics. Every night, I am amazed at the physical capabilities of the athletes. Sometimes it can even be discouraging…and I’ll catch myself having thoughts like: “I could never do that,” or “wholly guacamole! 5 minute pace?!” At times it makes me (and my 9 minute pace) want to go crawl up on the couch and say “forget about sweating and panting tomorrow on your morning run because you’ll never be that good…………..(couple minutes of moping and thinking)………………..Wait! you don’t have to be that good!”

…We don’t have to be that good…Think about that.

I have a friend that has talked to me again and again about signing up for a gym membership. Our conversations about the issue go something like this: I ask “What’s holding you back?”

I just can’t go in. Every time I am sitting in the parking lot, I watch people with their cute gym outfits and duffel bags walk by, and I am so afraid that everyone will be looking at me when I walk in.”

I don’t think everyone will be looking at you, but if they were…who cares?”

I’m not at all in shape”

that’s why you want to get a gym membership right?”

yeah but I’m afraid.”

…and we’re back at square one.

Mostly I think she was afraid because of the “comparison game” she expected to find at the gym. She was weary of the competition because competition may lead to judging from others. And judging from others may lead to judging oneself.

Remember, we are the only ones that can judge ourselves to the point it hurts. If other people do, pay no mind! If you suddenly feel inferior because the person on the treadmill next to you looks like they are running from a lion (that is not right behind them,) stop judging them…and be inspired! Just look back down at your little screen and stay steady or, hey, take it up a notch 🙂

If you are…

Taking control of your health.

Encouraging other people.

Moving your body consistently

And Loving life

you are an Olympian!

Hear the crowds roar (weird “Haaaaaahhh” throat sound) …and embrace it.

Have a do-something-out-of-your-comfort-zone-kinda-day.


Grey and Brianna

Moving Minutes for this week: 90.


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