“Moving Minutes.”

Welcome to the first edition of Fitness Fridays. I’d like to start by saying, this is by no means a fitness blog, it’s a blog about life and happiness! I’m not going to get all precise and technical on you about what is, and what is not the right way to exercise. Instead, I’d like to talk about “moving minutes” How many minutes did you move today?

With life being geared towards more sedentary activities everyday, the first step to getting fit, is just to start moving and feel good doing it! Moving minutes are not a tally of every moment that was spent moving at work, school, etc. (though it is great to move frequently throughout the day!) For documentation purposes, on this blog, I’ll identify “moving minutes” as the intentional time spent moving (exercising) in the day.

For example: On Saturday, I spent the day: cleaning house, cooking breakfast, reading, running errands, going for a 20 minute run, spending time with family, and cooking dinner. Out of all that busyness, “going for a 20 minute run” is the only item on that list that will count towards the total tally of moving minutes. So…Saturday total=20 minutes. 

At the end of the week, we’ll tally up the total “moving minutes,” list ’em, and set a new goal each week. To start things off, I’ll give you my tally of this week.

Friday—40 minutes (gym-time)

Saturday-20 minutes (run)

Sunday–0 minutes

Monday—0 minutes


Wednesday—0 minutes

Thursday– 30 minutes (gym-time)

TOTAL—90 minutes

Almond Bowl ’10

There is obviously much room for improvement. I didn’t realize my total effort of moving (exercise) minutes was so low. With work, errands, housework, etc. I always feel busy and exhausted. This is not top quality physical activity, which is why moving minutes are so important to prioritize. I hope you join me in devoting your time to increasing the amount of “moving minutes” that are in your day. 

Disclaimer: Moving throughout the day (doing everyday activities) is a great way to get exercise. I encourage the sporadic push-ups in the office, and extra trip to bring in groceries. “Moving minutes” are intended to be an extra boost of motivation to improve overall fitness (strength, flexibility, cardiovascular stamina etc.) But keep moving throughout the day…it is good for you!

Have a happy day. 


Grey and Brianna


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