I’ve been thinking…

Health and fitness are something that are really important. Grey and I both make an effort to stay active and make healthy choices when possible. I want this blog to be a place of encouragement, positive, thoughts, and happiness. To me, that includes fitness. Today is August 1st 2012. Not exactly…the typical resolution time of the year…but who cares! Instead I want to set some goals now and achieve them by the new year. I would like to document our exercise goals and progress, and hear from you about your current fitness status, and aims.

Fitness is so much more than body image, it’s about: community, health, feeling good, personal goals, and encouragement. If anything, I hope this section of the blog, provides some motivation to love yourself, and get moving. There are tons of reasons that people exercise, here are the (3) big ones for us!

Moonlight Madness Run, 2011.

Clear Mind: One of my favorite parts of coming back from a long run is how open my mind is. There is a quietness that comes with moving for a period of time, then being still. I find that it is easier to concentrate at work throughout the day, and I am more productive because I have that little boost of feel good energy. 

Burney Falls (Ca) Hike, 2010.

Show Loved Ones That You Care: One of the biggest things you can do for your spouse (or kids, parents, siblings, etc.) is take care of yourself. These people love you! Don’t you think that they want you to be taken care of? The only person that can take care of you (in the health and fitness world) is yourself. So… if you’re having a hard time getting going for yourself, do it for those that you love. 

Mom and Dad, 2012

FEEL GOOD v. Look Good: Step # 1—exercise to feel good. Many people exercise miserably, just to get that perfect beach bod. Instead, exercise because it is good for you. I have seen people with a typical “hottie body,” that just look awful. They fill their bodies with diet pills, supplements, and constantly compare themselves to others. Instead, just get moving, because it is good for you. The perfect body does not exist. Just love on what you got!

Sis and I, 2010

Stay tuned…for Fitness Fridays 😉

Have a go-run-a mile-just-for-the-heck-of-it kind of day. 


Grey and Brianna


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