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The Misfit-Vegetable Parade.

We’ve got news. Some of our “perfect” veggies didn’t come out…how do you say…textbook?…pretty?….Normal? Ahh. That’s the word. Normal. Yes. We’ve had crooked zucchini, blotchy tomatoes, curly cucumbers, and a tomato that…uh..grew a nose.

When something like this shows up in the garden, I can’t help but to laugh, Grey and I were so tempted to buy some of those wiggly crazy eyes, and paste them on the tomato (to go with its nose.)

As I was gathering up all of our imperfect veggies to comment: “look at this one! Hahaha!” “What’s the matter with this one?” I was reminded of the scene in the old Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie….you know…the puppet one? where all the misfit Christmas toys are sent away, and they sing:

We’re not daffy and dilly
Don’t go ’round willy nilly
Seems to us kinda silly
That we don’t fit in.

We may be different from the rest
Who decides the test
Of what is really best? 

We’re a couple of misfits
We’re a couple of misfits
What’s the matter with misfits
That’s where we fit in!”

Suddenly, I felt a different sentiment towards these vegetables. They are still funny, but who doesn’t like funny? It may be appealing, at first, to walk into the store and find all of the zucchini and cucumbers perfectly straight, waxed, shiny, primped, and powdered, to look superlative. They are not, however, actually perfect, nothing is. They are just more: visually appealing…acceptable… marketable than the twisty, bulgy vegetables.

Who prefers this though?

Who prefers, the flawless made-up face? The wrinkle-less dress? And the “people” in a magazine? To prefer these people, isn’t to prefer people at all, this is only a stretch away from how people actually are.

The made-up face is a mask. The wrinkle-less dress is a costume. And the people in a magazine are an illusion. To strive towards these ideals is to labor for something that is false, that doesn’t exist. It is only to make yourself more appealing, acceptable, and marketable in the eyes of the people “that decided the test, of what is really best.”

It is to please these same people who send the (super) imperfect zukes, cukes, and crooked neck squash to the land of misfit-vegetables to loathe in the fact that they are undesirable because of devious growing patterns.

Those that prefer people (who are not real people) will send those that do not fit nicely into this made-up world, away…with the misfits. 

So be it. No need to send me. Great people are misfits. Jesus was an outcast…a misfit…and He is…Jesus. I’ll gladly grab a tambourine and follow the “Charlie-in-the-Box” to a place where people can be people, and vegetables can be vegetables, by way of the misfit parade.

Will you?

Hope you eat crazy vegetables, and love people (wrinkles, zits, and all) everyday. 



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