WHERE and WHEN Should I Can Food?

Hi there! I’ve combined the “where” and “When” post because they are quite straight forward, I didn’t what to omit them because they are an important part of the canning process.


WHERE do I can food?

The kitchen of course! The kitchen is where all canning activities should take place (except for the harvesting of fruit.) Some characteristics though, make a more conducive environment for canning.

1.Lots of counter space—Kitchens for canning do not need to be spacious, but they must have a cleared off counter, with room to organize all the food and utensils needed. Grey and I have a very small kitchen; but when I am ready to can, I remove anything on the counters that might take up space (coffee pot, bananas, etc.)

2. A clean kitchen—Good kitchen hygiene is a must for canning. If there is a dirty sink, it makes it impossible to properly wash the jars before sterilization. An unclean dish towel, used to wipe rims of jars, could be a risk for contamination of the food. The first step to preserving food, is creating a clean environment.

3.Know your location—Geographic location that is. Most boiling water canning recipes are written for a location that is less than 1,000 feet. If you live above 1,000 feet make appropriate adjustments to the recipe. Pay attention to these small details. They make all the difference!

WHEN do I can?

With an availability of food all year-long in grocery stores, canning can be practiced year round. However, if you are canning primarily to preserve the abundance of fruits and veggies from your garden, canning usually takes place between June and September. This allows fresh garden produce to be eaten all year long!

Hope you savor the minutes in your day. 


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