WHO Still Preserves Food?

WHO cans? Lots of people! It used to be accustom in most households, out of necessity, but canning has had a comeback in recent years due to the popularity rise of homegrown food, farmer’s markets, and simple ingredients. Currently, canning is primarily just a useful hobby. The question we should be asking is: WHO enjoys canning nowadays? The craft of canning is a niche that requires a specific set of personality, and situational, characteristics that make the process pleasurable.

1. Patience—On a good day, I can get about twelve jars of pickled beets finished in about two and a half hours. Just twelve jars! For the past two years we have planted about four dozen cans worth of beets. That equates to about nine hours of canning time (on a good day, may I remind you.)

2. Imagination—Not with the recipes of course! (Canning recipes must be followed exactly.) But with the recipes chosen, the method of preserving (there are many more besides canning,) and variety. For a good example of an imaginative food preserver: consider apples. Suppose you have an apple tree, and you want to harvest the apples so they don’t go to waste. You could make thirty cans of apple pie filling…but unless you plan on baking 15 apple pies over the course of the next year, it is probably not a good idea to transform all the apples into pie filling. Get creative! Apple sauce, apple cider, spiced apple rings, etc. See what I mean by imagination?

3. Connections—to fruits and veggies. Access to fresh produce is essential to producing a good product.This may be from a local farmer’s market, your garden, or even the grocery store (in season is best.)

4. Motivation–Preserving food requires someone who is motivated to offer their family, friends, and themselves the best available foods possible, using only the best ingredients. With convenience food more easily accessible, it is too easy to use only store-bought canned foods. Food preservation requires a person, who is inspired to take natures bounty, and give it a shelf life.

Everyone can preserve food by canning, if desired. If there is food available to be canned, patience to be had, and motivation to get things going, anyone can learn. However, it just may take one or more of these characteristics to bring a person to want to can. 

Hope you have an absolutely accomplished day. 


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