Hand-Squeezed Tomato Sauce is Love.

Last week, I came home to my husband cooking dinner one night. He was hand squeezing tomatoes to make tomato sauce because we didn’t have any, and was making pot roast. I knew this, because we have a little white board on our refrigerator that we write: dinner plans, Bible verses, and notes on. 

I had a long day at work, and couldn’t wait to get home to the kitchen, relax, and start cooking. My plan was interrupted when I saw Grey in the kitchen cringing at the amount of thyme he added to the sauce, then searching through the spice cabinet to find something to mask or balance the flavor out. I smiled. This is exactly what I needed. I sat down and told him about my day, while he tinkered around the kitchen. When it was time to eat, I was just as excited as he was to try his creation. 

Hands down…best pot roast I’ve ever eaten. 

We even had some of the sauce left over so we made yummy whole-wheat spaghetti, the following night.

Have an unexpectedly better day than you imagined.


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