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Rethink:Broomsticks and Balance.

I never understood the angst of staying on top of dishes and housework until I got married. All my life my mom was the primary house keeper. She spent a lot of her time devoted to the task of keeping things tidy. I would hear her now and then say something like: “It’s seems like all I do is clean the house.” Or when coming home to a messy kitchen, mention to us that we “undid all of the time she spent cleaning earlier this morning.”

I would help out, once a week, and feel like I had done my part. I had no idea! Once Grey and I got married, and moved in together, we started cooking every night and morning. If you’re not doing the math, that equates to a lot of dishes….and laundry….and sweeping…and mopping…and dusting (but I digress.)

I began to look up to my mom even more than ever, thinking: “you did this twice a day, for how many years?!” It took a couple of good-old-fashioned housework meltdowns before it clicked. Ohhhh…the house isn’t supposed to always be magazine pretty….people live here.

Now hold it. Before you dump the dish gloves out the window, this doesn’t mean that we are not supposed to take care of what has been given to us. We still have a responsibility of being good stewards, and that does involve cleaning. It’s all about balance.

Balanced housework=spending half an hour to an hour a day devoted to keeping things tidy.

…it is not spending every waking hour picking up minuscule pieces of who knows what off of the floor.

Balanced housework=putting things (towels, sponges, tea kettle, etc.) in a location that is purposeful.

….it is not cringing because your husband moved the dishtowel that you so perfectly draped over the counter because it looks best there.

Balanced housework=spending one day out of the month to thoroughly go through the house and eliminate/reorganize items, and deep clean forgotten places.

…it is not a once a year “spring cleaning” spree–this kind of build up is way to overwhelming and may not get accomplished.

Balanced housework=asking for help.

…it is so silly that I sometimes get frazzled about all of the unaccomplished tasks around the house. Usually, when I ask Grey: “could you please take out the trash?” or “do you mind sweeping the kitchen?” He is glad to help.

We are not meant to spend our lives miserably, cleaning. Clean a little everyday because it makes you happy to be in a sparkly clean house not because you have the tag “clean house” attached to your personal ego status. Life’s to short for empty magazine houses. 

Hope your kitchen is filled with love and many dinner dishes.  


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