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We’re Making Plum Jam.

My parents invited Grey and I over to help them harvest and process the plums on their plum-tree. These Santa Rosa Plums have been my favorite since I was a kid.

We decided on a recipe out of an excellent preserving cookbook that Mama Coco bought me for my bridal shower. 

The title of this post might be a little misleading because we’re not just making plum jam…..we’re making spiced port plum jam. It turned out to be excellent. Normally jams are overwhelmingly dessert sweet, which is great at times, but this jam has a wonderful tartness that is quite refreshing.

Grey harvested all the plums for us. Mom and I were left to the task of splitting and removing the pits.

After all the plums were prepared, I put them in a big stockpot, with water and a cinnamon stick to boil down, then added the rest of the ingredients. Once the fruit came to a rolling boil, I lowered the heat and let the, now almost, jam simmer. 

Meanwhile, the jars were busy sterilizing themselves by taking a bath in the boiling-water-canner for five minutes or so. 

I ladled, filled, topped, and processed the jars. Once I removed the jars, exactly 12 out of 12 of them made the most validating sound of popping and clicking, indicating to me that the jars were sealed.

Nothing says summer more than a pantry full of home-canned fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden.

And nothing says winter more than hot biscuits topped with homemade jam from fruit canned back in July.

It is a beautiful cycle.

Hope you have a plum-picking day. 


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