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Seagulls, Seahorses, and Saltwater Taffy.

This weekend we took a trip to the beautiful Monterey Bay in California. I was so excited that I had my bag all ready and packed the day before we left. 

After about a five-hour drive, we finally got to our hotel and “checked-in,”at noon (even though the actual check-in time was not until 4:00 pm.) The receptionist kindly suggested a few good lunch locations to keep us occupied until we could officially check-in. We loaded our bags back up, and headed down to Cannery Row.

We went to Louie Linguine’s for lunch, and were seated within minutes on the upper deck overlooking the ocean.

Wow. We were impressed already. We both ordered sandwiches for lunch and bruschetta as an appetizer. It was delicious and gone in about two minutes.

Now you see it. 

Now you don’t. 

After lunch, we walked around Cannery Row and visited some of the little shops. As soon as we stepped out of Louie Linguini’s, we were bombarded with a dessert that was difficult to refuse.

Aren’t these awesome? I wanted a pair just to have in my closet to decorate it. 

I’m pretty sure when I saw this sign it read: “For Grey and Brianna…Gourmet Garlic Foods—Gifts.” 

… this little guy was strutting around on the pier happily accepting pieces of bread, chips, and pretty much anything else people dropped in front of him. 

After we had exhausted Cannery Row we decided to move to the main attraction: the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Do you see the starfish?

There was so much to see that it was overwhelming. One of my favorite exhibits was the jellyfish. They were beautiful as they maneuvered through the water. 

One thing that was especially impressive about the Monterey Bay Aquarium was the size of everything. When we were standing in front of the tanks it felt like we were in the water with the jellyfish.

Moon Jellies…

The seahorse exhibit layout, paralleled the life of a seahorses. 

These were my favorite little guys. They are called dwarf seahorses, and are about the size of a paperclip. Once they find a partner they become iridescent are faithful for life.

We spent a little over two hours wandering the aquarium before we left to actually check into our hotel room and get rested up before going out again for dinner. 

We went to the Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner. This was Grey and I’s favorite part of the entire trip. 

There was a beach party across the way. Aren’t these brightly colored chairs fun? 

This little sweets shop was packed every time we passed it. When we went inside we found out why. It smelled like toasty warm caramel popcorn and had a display case of chocolates, caramel apples, candy coated nuts, and of course saltwater taffy. 

Finally, it was time to go to dinner. We went to the Old Fisherman’s Grotto. It was so charming and romantic in an old-time sort of way. They had old love songs playing by artists like: Frank Sinatra, Nat “King” Cole, and Dean Martin.

The man who owned the restaurant was greeting everyone at the door wearing a very fancy suit with his hair slicked back. I ordered the pesto Parmesan salmon, and Grey had the macadamia crusted halibut. It was delicious! To top it off, when our waiter brought the check he also brought me a single red rose. 

We headed back to the hotel for the night absolutely satisfied. We had a little mishap with getting my car keys stuck in the door, and ended up waiting for a locksmith to show up for about an hour (but I’ll save that story for another time.) 

The next morning, we slept in, gathered up all our belongings, visited the continental breakfast and took one last stop before leaving town…to the beach. 

Happy Days…in Monterey. Thanks for coming along.


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