The Zucchini Project

Zucchini Project (Chapter One): Complete.

Yes, this is the end of the zucchini project…chapter one. I originally set out to only have one “stage” to this project, but found that there is so much more possible to be done with zucchini than I imagined. So I’ve decided to break this project into phases. I hope to do another series starring this popular vegetable sometime in the future.

This week, I had a blast discovering, and writing new recipes. Thank you for listening. Hopefully this provided a little spark of inspiration to do something with zucchini other than give it away to your neighbor (or to the worms in the compost pile.)

Let’s recap:

Solution # 1: Zucchini Beef Casserole
Solution # 2: Zucchini Bread
Solution # 3: Zucchini Burgers
Solution # 4: Zucchini Pancakes
Solution # 5: Zucchini Relish
Solution # 6: Chocolate-Chip Zucchini Cake

Did you know zucchini flowers are edible? In the midst of all this zucchini eating, Grey suggested that we just pull some of the flowers off before they produce fruit next year. Hmm. That’s a thought. I think zucchini flower recipes will definitely fit into next year’s zucchini project.

Hope your week was sensational.


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