Climbing Mountains.


I am proud to announce that this is our very first blog post. This post will be different than most of the posts I intend to write, but thought it was only appropriate to start things off with a story…an adventure really. Because, after all, this whole blog writing thing is definitely a new adventure for Grey and I.

On the Fourth of July, this year, Grey and I hiked Brokeoff Mountain with Grey’s mom and dad, Glynn and Coco. We’re not rock climbers, but we hiked seven miles through streams, over rocks, under trees, and even around some snow. Thankfully the weather was perfect, the trail clear, and Grey and I just bought some sweet trail purpose shoes.


I was so excited to get going once we got to the trail head. After we laced up, and hydrated we started off walking through what almost resembled a jungle.


I was amazed at all the wildlife, and had to stop to take a picture of almost every: flower, bug, leaf, rock, stream, and piece of moss we came across…



These yellow and white little flowers were so pretty next to an icy-cold-crystal-clear stream.


The trail was lined with so many wildflowers.

This is all of us at the beginning of the hike.

Coco & Glynn.

When we got to this log with these mushrooms, Grey and I insisted that these were the exact variety that we bought once at Whole Foods. We decided to leave them there…just in case.

Beautiful trees.


Grey talking to Coco as we stopped for a quick power snack.

Around 1:00 pm the trail started to look progressively less green the closer we got to the top.

This was the last little wildflower I saw amidst all these rocks.

There was also a bit more snow once we got closer to the top. What do you do when snow blocks the trail?

Go over it.

Fellow travelers close to the summit.

Almost to the very top, we stopped to take some pictures in front of Mount Lassen.

Beautiful Mount Lassen.

Once we got to the top we all had lunch of trail mix, granola, sandwiches, and apples. We had a guest for lunch as well, he especially enjoyed some of our trail mix.

You Made It.”


Once we finished lunch, we said goodbye to our new found friend, gathered up our belongings, and headed back down the mountain.

Once we got back to the jungle-like part of the trail, I knew we were close to the end of our adventure so I snapped one last picture of a wildflower.

Phew! What a day, thanks for coming along.


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